My Binance Visa Card finally arrived! How You Can Pay With Crypto (or Fiat) And Get 2–8% Cashback On All Your Expenses

4 min readJun 9, 2021

In this blog I want to show you the benefits of the Binance Visa Card. I received mine a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it so far. Expect this post to be a little bit biased by design, as I have not yet tested any other crypto-related credit cards.

How does it work?

They offer different levels of cashback, depending on how much Binance Coin ($BNB) you have in your account. Without any BNB you will get 0.1% cashback by default. In order to get the 2%, you will need 1 BNB.

If you have an account with Binance, like many of you will as it is the biggest exchange by volume, you can register for their card. They offer an easy interface, where you can move funds to your card and then use it to pay anything. The card itself can only be ordered after you finish their extended KYC (know your customer).

Before you receive the physical card, you will get a “virtual card” to already pay for goods and services, before your actual card arrives.

What is BNB anyway?

BNB is the “house coin” of

The great thing about BNB is that it fuels all transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. Like Ethereum on the Ether Network it used to pay for gas. BNB has a limited supply and Binance makes sure to burn additional BNB every quarter to decrease the supply further.

BNB can be staked at Binance or on the Binance Chain for some additional staking rewards, if you believe in the coin and plan to hold it further. I currently receive 7.72% per year on my BNB on Binance (30 days locked staking). This depends a little on what is available on Binance at the time.

How much is BNB at the moment?

This is the current price of BNB via coingecko:

As of writing this article BNB is valued at $369.79. At the start of my crypto journey in February it was around $200 and reached absolute highs of almost $700 in the following bullrun.

Why should I get the Binance card?

It is a pre-paid Visa credit card which allows you to pay with crypto and get a certain percentage of your expenses back in BNB.

When does my cashback level increase?

One thing to note is that the 30 day average of the BNB in your account is used to calculate your cashback percentage. That means even if you buy 1 BNB right away, it will take several days before you reach the level of BNB that’s counted towards your cashback. To speed up this process you could hold more than 1 BNB, even though you only get more benefits after holding 10 BNB (3% cashback).

My experience

I used the Binance Card for little over a week now and already made about $7 back in BNB. As I feel BNB is currently still quite undervalued due to recent Bitcoin drops, I also see it as an investment which could grow even further.


I really like to earn a little passive income and even better when it’s paid in cryptos that could even increase in price in the future. Therefore, the Binance card allows me get all this while being invested in the Binance ecosystem anyway.

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Have great day!

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