Stop trading, start earning: Deep Dive into AMKT!

3 min readMar 22, 2024

A straightforward investment strategy. Diversify in one click and beat the market by waiting, not trading.


Sounds too good to be true? Join me on this journey to discover the great benefits of Index investing.

What is AMKT?

AMKT is a crypto market index of 15 assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, $BNB, $SOL, $DOGE, $LINK. Think of it as the S&P 500 for crypto.

It is weighted by market cap, which means the more money there is in an asset, the bigger it’s share in this index is. Bitcoin and Ethereum make up roughly 80% of the index.

This means you have a rather stable portfolio but are also invested in some smaller caps (compared to the big ones) that could become big winners. On the same hand your downside is limited should the underperform.

Why Index Investing?

Historical Evidence. Over the past 15 years, S&P 500 index funds have outperformed 92% of actively managed funds. AMKT transfers this knowledge to crypto. In the traditional finance world, indexes like S&P or the MSCI World continously outperform people trying to pick stocks. There is even research published to support this thesis.

Crypto is a relatively young investment category but why should it be any different? Just buy the market and wait can work here as well.

The $AMKT Token

Backed 1:1 by underlying assets, no annual fees. Quarterly rebalancing adjusts weights of assets. What does this mean?

AMKT revolutionized the crypto index world by creating a token that is supported by all the tokens that make up the index. These are bought on-chain, verifiable and transparent.

Okay, what’s the performance like?

YTD: 42%
1 Year: 121%
5 Years: 1209%

No expense ratio due to dominance of Bitcoin and ETH. Of course, past performance is no direct indicator to future gains but if you are in crypto for the long run — and I think you should be buying the market and doing nothing is your best shot.

Where to buy AMKT?

Get AMKT on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum. Liquidity pools against WBTC, ETH, WETH, Matic. Purchase with USDC, ETH, other tokens.

The buying & selling experience is acutally very smooth. Please leave a comment if you would like me to go through the process of buying, selling and joining the MATCH program.

But wait, there is more

They just introduced MATCH: Join and get 5% extra annually, distributed monthly to your Polygon wallet. No claiming required. Capped at 50 AMKT per user. Sign up now through my link to support me while earning an extra 5% no matter if bull or bear.


AMKT offers a simple, effective investment strategy. Diversify effortlessly, backed by top crypto assets, with no fees.

Disclaimer: I own $AMKT. The link above is my ref link and I earn a commission when you join the MATCH program. Future performance can differ.

Let me know what you think with a comment, it helps to spread the word and would mean a lot to me!

That’s a wrap. See you next time!

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