YieldNodes Full Re-Invest Guide — Leverage The “Mircale Of Compound Interest”

4 min readFeb 23, 2022

So you earned some money with YieldNodes: Interest on your deposit or affiliate credits? As it is sitting in your YieldNodes account, you have to make a choice now. Do you want to pay it out, reinvest or a bit of both? Today I will be looking at 3 possible scenarios and what they mean for your yield.

The Basics of Reinvesting with YieldNodes

Each month, you receive your yield in your account. If you reinvest it, it is locked for another 6 months. In your account you have a table that shows all your deposits and reinvested funds and when they unlock. Each batch has it’s own unlock date.

e.g. If I reinvest $100 today, they will unlock in August. If I reinvest $100 in March, they will unlock in September.

The Scenarios

Full payout every month

You could go ahead and request a withdrawal of your earnings every month. Your pay out will hit your wallet beginning of the next month if requested before the 15th.

This is an interesting scenario for when you don’t trust the platform or if you have invested enough to be happy with getting the same amount every month. It could also help you diversify your investment.

In the past, this method yielded you about 132% returns on your initial investment per year. This is the least risky option if we consider platform risk.

Full reinvest every month

A full reinvest every month gives you the biggest returns, but also locks you the longest.

You drastically enhance the returns that are possible in a year. If you paid out every return with YieldNodes in the last two years, you made about 100% on your investment. If you reinvested everything, you made about 250% return! That is a factor of 2.5x which is pretty crazy to me. This really shows the “Miracle of compound interest” if you ask me.

This is the riskiest option, as you cannot access your funds and have to trust in YieldNodes (which I do have, by the way).

50–50 or 70–30

According to your own risk tolerance, you could also go with a mix. I think this is a good option, which I have seen discussed in the Telegram Group quite often. Many people reinvest a bit and take out their initial investment. After some months, they can just let the profits run and basically “not care” if they lost their funds, as they got their principal out.

I like this option as it is the best of both worlds. Reinvesting some of your returns helps you to leverage the compound effect, increasing your payout every month. At the same time, you are generating an income that you could diversify.

How does it look in YieldNodes?

In YieldNodes > Deposit you see your Withdrawable Balance. Here you can manually reinvest as much as you like:

In YieldNodes > Withdraw you can see the slider for automatic reinvest each month:

How do I personally reinvest?

So far, I have been compounding my gains after taking out my initial investment. This feels amazing.

Right now, I am reinvesting everything except for some $100 for my planned giveaway. For that I will use the “pay it forward” feature which is taken from my Withdrawable Balance.

The minimum amount is $100 which will be used to fund a lucky winner’s account to try out YieldNodes. Let me know in the comments why you would like to win!


Want to get started with YieldNodes?

  • Do your own research on YieldNodes, in the end I am just a random guy on the internet!
  • Use my affiliate link (click here) to register, and I earn 5% of your deposit with no extra cost for you. Thanks in advance!
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose
  • Make a deposit via Bitcoin — check my full deposit guide (click here)
  • Decide whether you want to pay out your earnings or compound them!
  • Let me know if you would like to know more, you can reach me on Twitter

If you want to learn more, check out my other blogs on YieldNodes.

That’s it for today folks, thank you for reading and have a great day!


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