YieldNodes — January results: 8% return on my investment — What you need to know

3 min readFeb 1, 2022

Hi and welcome to my update article on YieldNodes, a MasterNoding platform I joined with a small investment in December. MasterNoding is the process of renting servers to run Master Nodes for Proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies.

Sounds complicated? Luckily, YieldNodes takes care of everything. Sounds a little shady, I know, but these guys work their ass off. Check out my last blogs and ask your questions in the comments!

Now my capital was invested (“MasterNoded”) for a full month and I initiated my first payout to reduce my risk of the platform. January saw pretty good returns of 8% on all the MasterNoded capital, which is quite crazy if you ask me.

Payout periods

Returns are always credited to your account on the 1. of each month. Then you can decide to reinvest or request a payout, until the 15th, which will be processed by the 8th of next month. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry. The team explains this with having a buffer on the capital they can work with to maximize the time it can be master noded and earning a profit.

In the UI you have a simple slider which let’s you autocompound (reinvest) a percentage of your earnings each month:

Decide how much you want to reinvest. Can be changed at any time for the next month’s returns.

My earnings in January

But let’s get to my numbers:

My MasterNoded balance was €1759.10 which returned 7.98% coming out to €140.37 for January! It’s not the full 8% because some money was invested during January. In my last article I figured I would only get around 2.5% due to some in-month deposits, which turned out to be false, which is a nice surprise! Additionally, I had some extra income due to affiliate earnings, which is already compounded in the full balance.

From starting in December, my MasterNoded balance grew quite a bit already thanks to extra earnings, and I am super excited about the future of YieldNodes. Even if the returns go down a little, I think it’s still a great way to diversify.

In the future, I will probably compound 80% and pay-out or pay forward 20%. Even though I trust the platform at this point, I want to de-risk a little.

Paying it forward from here

I decided to compound my earnings, but take €100 (the minimum amount) and try out the “Pay it forward” feature. This is a feature that is currently tested. It allows you to fund an account and invite another user to the platform, who gets a head start from your funding.

Two key points: the invited user becomes your affiliate, earning you 5% from every deposit. He or she has to invest at least €500 MasterNoded (or you have to be very generous) to start earning the YieldNodes returns.

If my accounts continues growing, I might do a give-away in the future paying it forward to one of my followers here :)

Quick start guide

  • Do your own research on YieldNodes, in the end I am just a random guy on the internet!
  • Use my affiliate link (click here) to register and give me 5% of your deposit with no extra cost for you. Thanks in advance!
  • Make a deposit via Bitcoin (many FIAT onramp provider are supported where you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card or SEPA transfer) or use USDT (Tron Network)
  • Decide whether you want to pay out your earnings or compound them!
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose
  • Let me know if you would like to know more, you can reach me on Twitter

And there you have it, folks. I hope you enjoyed my article. I will publish all updates to me portfolio on here. Likes this post and follow me if you don’t want to miss that.

So long,

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